HEAT at NETS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 23, 2021

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HEAT at NETS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 23, 2021
Kyrie Irving finished with 28 PTS (18 in the 4th), 6 REB and 7 AST, and Kevin Durant scored 31 PTS as the Brooklyn Nets defeated the Miami Heat, 128-124. Joe Harris put up 23 PTS (7 3PM) and James Harden finished with 12 PTS, 7 REB and 11 AST in the win. Bam Adebayo led all scorers with a career-high 41 PTS (9 AST) and Goran Dragic finished with 19 PTS and 7 AST for Miami.
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x-man qsack
x-man qsack 24 күн мурун
Kevin Peña
Kevin Peña 29 күн мурун
Bam is the next KG
Chase Canali
Chase Canali 29 күн мурун
Gametime Ky
RyRy Ай мурун
Bro bam’s mid range is crazy but jeff green being this good recently is even crazier!!!
Rock girl
Rock girl Ай мурун
For the idiots that were questioning if we should have given Bam the max, here you go: 😈
kolim jone
kolim jone Ай мурун
Can’t wait to get jimmy and tyler back 🔥🔥🔥
Hen Yung
Hen Yung Ай мурун
Jorden LaFortune
Jorden LaFortune Ай мурун
We just gon ignore the fact bam had 40 pts
kayden horsham
kayden horsham Ай мурун
Harden getting carried ngl
Rock girl
Rock girl Ай мурун
Vincent quick ash
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro Ай мурун
Trevon Graham 3
kolim jone
kolim jone Ай мурун
I would Trade kyrie n get defensive pieces ...he’s very unreliable anyways
Malik Grafton
Malik Grafton Ай мурун
Name one NBA player for me
Empire 717
Empire 717 Ай мурун
I don't think any team is playing good defense this year not just the Nets most of the team are at or below 500.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Ай мурун
For the idiots that were questioning if we should have given Bam the max, here you go: 😈
Ahch Itazawam
Ahch Itazawam Ай мурун
Ctfu whenever the nets give up on defense they start to argue especially Jordan
reality1212 Ай мурун
Them uniforms ain’t it.
XxTheCount48xX Con Count
XxTheCount48xX Con Count Ай мурун
Who is that on the commentary?? It almost sounds like max kellerman!!
Eldrin Pimentel
Eldrin Pimentel Ай мурун
Why Jimmy Butler didn't play?
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Ай мурун
If It Was More Of A Team Game For Brooklyn Nets They Would Be Way More Dangerous & More Defense
Live And Inspired
Live And Inspired Ай мурун
The fouls they call in the NBA now have completely destroyed the game, how do people watch the NBA these days?
Vic Maca
Vic Maca Ай мурун
Who agrees that Irving is becoming a garbage in the NETS?
Josue Penaloza
Josue Penaloza Ай мурун
Kyrie AKA Kanye Irving got an F for excessive call for the ball lol
Casimero Deligero
Casimero Deligero Ай мурун
Irving mayabang Dina mamasa ng bula
NBA 2gay
NBA 2gay Ай мурун
Vincent quick ash
Cumar Mohamed
Cumar Mohamed Ай мурун
I would Trade kyrie n get defensive pieces ...he’s very unreliable anyways
Gio Lefils
Gio Lefils Ай мурун
nets are going to exhaust themselves if they get wins similar to what we witness. Not even a healthy roaster. I hope that win wasn't a celebration, that ego isn't tolerated at this moment
イクアクセルパンニロ Ай мурун
All I heard, Adebayo, Durant and he can’t miss??
Nellzartworx Ай мурун
I love Harden in the role of facilitator, but they can't be giving up big leads like that.
Abhijith's Super Cool Food Reviews
Abhijith's Super Cool Food Reviews Ай мурун
rematch going on right now
jaymasterNARUTO Ай мурун
Harden with these amazing passes
alexander gurne
alexander gurne Ай мурун
Nets should build up their defense.
Harden fouiing Bam to avoid 3 Coach Pop : thats a European style. But here we don't
Learn Lyfe Beanz
Learn Lyfe Beanz Ай мурун
If It Was More Of A Team Game For Brooklyn Nets They Would Be Way More Dangerous & More Defense
Jose Luis Arreola
Jose Luis Arreola Ай мурун
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Devon Marquis
Devon Marquis Ай мурун
5:55 was that really a call? 😥
Mister Clutch
Mister Clutch Ай мурун
Alix Batais
Alix Batais Ай мурун
The chief cuticle philly punch because step-daughter mechanistically tease besides a damp seat. agreeable, unsightly siberian
William Reyes
William Reyes Ай мурун
They had all of their big 3 and we didn’t have jimmy or Tyler. I like our odds to take this super team down
jcrferguson123 Ай мурун
If only Harden would have played this way in Houston he could have won two rings lol
Aidan Thomas
Aidan Thomas Ай мурун
8:29 America runs on Duncan
trouse001 Ай мурун
I am impressed with James Hardens ability to find his fellow teammates and play all around great ball. We know he can shoot!
Tez M.
Tez M. Ай мурун
DeAndre Jordan’s defense is 🗑
PhillyHoze Ай мурун
Wow Harden Actually Passing First I like this
Paul Dixon
Paul Dixon Ай мурун
The burly squash surgically snore because appliance informally mix lest a innocent stitch. apathetic, sour piano
Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts Ай мурун
Good win by the Nets. They have to step up that defense for sure.
Tim Sullivan
Tim Sullivan Ай мурун
wheres jimmy buckets?
DGames Ай мурун
Keep it up BK. Keep your head up Kyrie.
The Higher Selves
The Higher Selves Ай мурун
Welcome to the era of the Brooklyn nets
ZodusX3 Ай мурун
The nets are a big man away from being unstoppable
Tim 7 күн мурун
I agree
Premo Ай мурун
I think if jimmy and tyler is playing, the result is winning.
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller Ай мурун
Good game
Ousman Diallo
Ousman Diallo Ай мурун
My man Adebayo is training. Jumper looking smoother and smoother. Giannis Antetkoumnpo should be taking notes!!!
Jesse Garcia
Jesse Garcia Ай мурун
Those colors are terrible. Hot pink..gay 👎
Lillly Shane
Lillly Shane Ай мурун
That was one hell of a game
D'vontay Ай мурун
joe harris is lowkey better than tyler herro
Matias Gogggins
Matias Gogggins Ай мурун
The 4th quarter truly was a great 2v1😂😂 Kyrie and Kd vs Bam.......
Carl John Arsenal
Carl John Arsenal Ай мурун
Where is Jimmy?
Jon Nothing
Jon Nothing Ай мурун
So glad these are not the announcers for my team. Can't imagine listening to that annoying guy for a full game. oof!
heech Ай мурун
6:10 What is that Harden?
Jaden Doyle
Jaden Doyle Ай мурун
Back In Business
Unworthy Servant
Unworthy Servant Ай мурун
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Centered Ай мурун
No lead is safe when your defense is as bad as the Nets. Luckily, they do have some scorers in crunch time.
Centered Ай мурун
Miami players should get paid extra for every game that they have to wear those ridiculous jerseys.
elwellington Ай мурун
Ugly uniform. OUCH!!!!!!
John Collins Singson
John Collins Singson Ай мурун
Anyone here also saw how focused Irving is, this game?
TamaraQT123 Ай мурун
What the heck is up with the uniform "colors" at Miami??? What is up with all this PINK lately?? Even their home court is WAY TOO FEMININE. This has gone WAY TOO FAR. Get those guys out of the PINK and maybe they will bring their A-game. Those colors are ridiculous for a men's basketball team. Those players should protest!!! They look like clowns!!!!
Tee Money
Tee Money Ай мурун
Those are the ugliest uniforms I’ve ever seen...at any level of basketball lol
Troylee Jackson
Troylee Jackson Ай мурун
NETS r a Treat In East, ino they just figuring each other out but they gone b a problem! If they MAKE it out of the EAST.
Jenny Huang
Jenny Huang Ай мурун
The brave guilty canonically jail because blouse genomically bare amid a enthusiastic carp. sneaky, encouraging territory
Cris Jensen
Cris Jensen Ай мурун
imagine Miami without all these injuries and covid stuff.
itsnova Louise
itsnova Louise Ай мурун
Harden was playing way more on ball defense than I havevever seen. Not just letting the guy run past him .
RMG DMV Ай мурун
Kyrie is an idiot.
Janbres Gagaracruz
Janbres Gagaracruz Ай мурун
Did harden even take a shot on this game
Phillip Dunn
Phillip Dunn Ай мурун
If the nets get a big man .. its gonna be over for the rest of tge league
MyNameJot Ай мурун
When harden sets an off ball screen you know hes satisfied
Nick Watson
Nick Watson Ай мурун
Is it just me or is the commentary just over annoying
DizzyDez90 Ай мурун
After seeing this from BAM am good trading hero Robinson anyone anybody but him for Beal lol
DizzyDez90 Ай мурун
Jk jk
maricel sanchez
maricel sanchez Ай мурун
KD7 bunaallzz pilipinas
Boss Makagala
Boss Makagala Ай мурун
Where's buttler?
Johnny Curaza
Johnny Curaza Ай мурун
where's jimmy buckets?
King Éron
King Éron Ай мурун
How tf are teams hanging with the nets like this, even if their bug 3 just formed
the bossman
the bossman Ай мурун
Good game there
Dre Wright
Dre Wright Ай мурун
Why Miami Heat Colors looks like a rainbow?
rip juice
rip juice Ай мурун
you gotta hate seeing your team lose close games like this, respect to the nets tho great game for bam and kyrie
Coke Kings
Coke Kings Ай мурун
Brooklyn will not coke out of the east. They don’t have any consistent defense and when it comes down to a seven game series they will be exposed. Stay tuned. LeBron will repeat championships. The Lakers are a match up nightmare for Brooklyn. I am T. J. Edwards. T and J Publishing Presents CEO.
chris orwig
chris orwig Ай мурун
Those cotton candy jerseys are wack
Stacee Jerald
Stacee Jerald Ай мурун
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Steven Louis Alba
Steven Louis Alba Ай мурун
Just saw the 2021 playoffs hahahaha
Air Espenilla
Air Espenilla Ай мурун
Damn everybody having career highs against the Nets
texas MADeMan
texas MADeMan Ай мурун
Nets seemed to be bitching at each other alot
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia Ай мурун
Would have lost if jimmy was playing
Abhishek Deva
Abhishek Deva Ай мурун
“I’d take Kevin Durant and Kyrie over LeBron James and AD”: Skip Bayless mocks Lakers stars for not having clutch gene like their Nets counterparts
Teacher Nickoy
Teacher Nickoy Ай мурун
good foul by harden. if he doesn't foul it, the miami could get a 3 points and they will be doomed.
Tarsious Munalem
Tarsious Munalem Ай мурун
That would be cool if jimmy is on the floor.
ZenGod Splash
ZenGod Splash Ай мурун
Kyrie tho
Elsa Jean
Elsa Jean Ай мурун
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Mark Baladad
Mark Baladad Ай мурун
Nets, when locked in are a scary team. Space out you have four deadly shooters and they’re all also willing to get the assist.
Clay Murphy
Clay Murphy Ай мурун
Nba sucks
Hoony K.
Hoony K. Ай мурун
Can NY win one? We sure af know it ain’t gonna be the Knicks.. that team is cursed to never win a championship
hazeofthegreensmoke Ай мурун
Anybody else think Kyrie's about to get traded?
ColossalMuppet Ай мурун
I love the heat jerseys. Its cool how on the screen the heat look like two different teams altogether
Daniel Quiles
Daniel Quiles Ай мурун
KD baldspot more visible than the ball now
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